Can You Move It?


Can You Move It?

When we move together, we move the world. As dreams turn into collective action and momentum, we usher in a new reality, and feminist values come boldly to life.


Moving Money & Power

We are working harder than ever to activate our vision of a world where resources—and power—flow to feminist movements. Because the stakes keep getting higher.

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Moving Across the World

More than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, our grantee partners are holding the line amid multiple crises, including a rise in conflicts and climate disasters, closing of civic space, and threats against human rights defenders.

In response, we moved $9.1 million in grantmaking across five continents—a 56 percent increase from last fiscal year.

From deepening our support for women’s rights and feminist organizations, to a new grantmaking stream focused on feminist funds, to an accelerated effort to support work in crisis and conflict zones, we are showing up with everything we have.

We are grateful to World University Service of Canada (WUSC) for the due diligence, compliance, financial, and capacity-building support it provides to our grantmaking program.

Our goal? To deliver flexible, reliable support for feminist work in all the diverse and powerful ways it takes root across our world.

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Where We Fund

On The Move

$9.1 Million to Feminist Movements Across the Globe

Doing a double take? Maps are political—and they’ve long centered the perspective of people in the Global North. Our map, like our work, centers the Global South. It’s one small way to disrupt colonial mindsets and challenge dominant narratives about whose lives and leadership matter most.

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Flipping the Script

What could grantmaking look like if we put community and radical love at the centre?

This question has inspired every aspect of Activate, the Equality Fund’s second grantmaking stream, which launched this year. Activate supports our peers: 
feminist funds fueling grassroots change in the Global South and beyond.

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Funding Feminist Funds

At its core, Activate is a radical dream turned real—
a direct challenge to traditional grantmaking processes that are highly competitive and isolating.

With our sister funds, we adopted the Step Up/Step Back approach, a grantmaking model deeply inspired by Indigenous-led and solidarity movements. This community-led process shares power and decision-making, strengthening the bonds of this already dynamic network rather than pitting partners against one another.



Stories of Change

Stories of Change

Every day, our grantee partners are moving and shaping what is into what can be. We invited six partners to share a story of what it looks like when feminist values and vision change real lives.


Women’s Voice and Leadership – Caribbean

Our WVL–Caribbean grantee partners shine as examples of feminist power and innovation. With our partner Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, we were proud to move nearly half a million dollars to 26 organizations building feminist futures across the region.

In addition to flexible, long-term support, this funding included ten responsive grants—rapid funding that allows our partners to surge ahead to respond to emerging advocacy and policy opportunities, meet COVID-19 and other emergency needs, and more.

But that’s only half the picture. This community is also demonstrating what becomes possible with support that reaches far beyond grantmaking dollars alone.

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Our Power. Our Movements.

We celebrated the inaugural Feminist Leadership Training, our first opportunity to gather our grantee partners in one (virtual) space for training and conversation under the leadership of legendary activist and scholar Peggy Antrobus.

The four-week workshop series was a chance to examine the Caribbean’s most urgent issues through a feminist lens, build solidarity and partnerships, and advance a shared agenda of justice for all.


Our Voices


Radically Regrounding Philanthropy

At the Equality Fund, we are working daily to return philanthropy to its original meaning: a love of humanity. Our vision of philanthropy offers an opportunity to connect to the deepest part of our personal legacies, and actively promote a more equitable world for everyone. This philanthropy goes far beyond giving. It’s about showing up differently, and acting with solidarity and shared purpose, together.

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Philanthropy Meets Feminism

In an unpredictable world, one of the most powerful ways we can fuel feminist movements is to let them know that we have their back for the long haul.

To remind them that no matter what happens—a human rights crackdown, a deadly disaster, targeted violence, or well-funded opposition—we will keep mobilizing resources to support their work. Because our lives, and our liberation, are forever linked. It’s a vision that drives every member of our community, like Jo Wright, who first became involved in our work (as the MATCH Fund) more than four decades ago. As the daughter and granddaughter of strong, “liberated women,” and one of three sisters, Jo was drawn to feminist movements even before the term feminist was widely used.


Feminist Philanthropy