Equality Fund Annual Report 2021/22

Embodiment: Building & Becoming the World of Our Dreams

A Future

Powered by Us, for Us

In every corner of the world, women, girls, and trans people are full of power. The power to create. The power to reveal and reinvent. The power to grow, nourish, and heal.

But too many institutions that weren’t made for us or by us are standing in the way, or not moving fast enough to deliver the social and structural changes we demand and deserve. 
The Equality Fund believes this is unacceptable—so we’re building a power base of our own: the most ambitious fund for gender equality in history, inspired by feminists, managed by feminists, in collaboration with and in service 
of feminist movements worldwide.

The status quo isn’t working. So we’re betting on a new strategy that liberates our movements from unsustainable models of the past, and accelerates the revolutionary, unfulfilled power of women, girls, and trans people everywhere.

With each step forward our community is building that road to full equality, together.

We know that when we move together, we move the world

Photo courtesy ofGirls of a Feather - Saint Lucia

The Challenge

Feminist movements hold solutions to our world’s biggest challenges. But traditional charity and development models keep money and power at the top, denying our movements the predictable support we deserve to build the future we need. We can’t solve this problem by mobilizing more resources alone. We have to go to the root of the problem—with a new strategy to disrupt and move beyond the models of the past. Building a new approach takes time, trust, and experimentation. It will never be easy, but we believe our feminist futures depend on it.

Our Approach

We are designing and building a fundamentally different kind of funding model—one that unites gender-lens investing, bold government funding, and powerful, multi-sector philanthropy to unlock new capital for feminist movements globally over the long term. Our goal? To create an independent, scaleable, and sustainable pipeline of resources for feminist movements. One that no longer depends on the shifting agendas and priorities of donors and funders, but that’s powered on its own and locked in to deliver. So that resources—and power—shift sustainably to our world’s most innovative leaders to create change on their own terms, for decades to come.

The Dream, Realized

The road ahead is filled with unknowns. Stops and starts. Experimentation, and even some exasperation. But if we are successful together, we will have done our part to forever change a funding system that was never meant for us and never worked for us. We will have built a new model—by us, for us—that shifts power and resources sustainably to feminist movements. With the future in our own hands, a more just and equal world will be closer than ever before.

$9.1 Million to Feminist Movements Across the Globe

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